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~ Kim N Steph's Page ~
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^ Kim & Steph playin around! ( Kim givin steph bunny ears!! )


Hey! This is Kimberly Harman  & Stephanie Whipkey (Akins)  *aka* whips! We are both 14 & from NJ... Steph has brown hair and brown eyes and is 5'5 and is taken by Mark Akins!!  Kim has blonde hair & blue eyes and is 5' & single!  We are both going into 9th grade!  Steph's fav color is green and Kim's fav color is blue & green! Steph's fav food is pizza and kim's fav food is popcorn!!  We have been best buddies since 3rd grade!! We are both graduating in 2006!!  Be sure to go to the rest of our pages to see more pics!!!
luv AlwAyZ~  kim & steph


Kim's Best Buddies Page! :)